Partnering Best In Breed ERP.

About Us

CSA Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is among Eastern India’s leading Enterprise solution providers. Formed by a group of Chartered Accountants in 1991 , the management team has over 30 years Industry relevant experience in Business IT system consulting. The company is specializing in Enterprise Resource Planning - sales and implementation , Development, Rollout and Support for Oracle and other top rated ERP Products for SME bothe in On Premises and Cloud model. CSA proudly remains owned and managed by its original founders. Our flexible organizational structure gives our consultants, managers and collaborators all the autonomy and leeway they need to establish a solid, intimate business relationship with every customer they serve. Whether its role is prime contractor, technical specialist or coach, CSA always provides a personal touch... because every customer is unique.

Our Goal

CSA has always chosen to partner with the best of the latest & best IT products available with OEM’s with the aim to add innovative value to them by its unique methodology. Due to such path breaking ways it has within no time become Top performing partner to those organizations seeking an experienced information technology (IT) integrator in a variety of industry sectors. Customers benefit from this combination of technical and business experience in the form of solutions that provide quick and recognizable value to IT spends.

Our Value Proposition

The quality of our project delivery is due to the high level of competence and talent that form our multidisciplinary teams- Finance, Logistic, HR, Production-Process & Discreet, and Database Technology and backed by solid after sales support. Because of the experience and professionalism of our consultants, and that of our associates and partners, CSA is recognized in many areas where specific expertise is required. Our fundamental values such as respect for the customer, team spirit and high standards constitute the foundation of reliability that customers have come to expect from CSA. In short, we understand technology from business perspective.