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    Netsuite - Run Business Smarter!

    NetSuite was built for a smooth run of the business. The suite includes many outstanding capabilities, including: pure cloud architecture; built-in Business Intelligence; customization framework; ecommerce; and more. All these incredible capabilities aim towards its core mission- “Software built to run a business“—a claim which has always been a subtle misunderstood differentiator. Users demand a system that caters to their role. The system should cater each and every staff with respect to their designation. For example, a warehouse manager would get all in hand details about the warehouse, as this is their point of concern. These segregation of the information as per the roles helps in enhancement in all the departments focusing on all separately. That’s why NetSuite, puts all the key business functions on an equal footing: Account; Customer; Product; Service; Order; Person. They are all smoothly linked together in a common business model. There are basically two distinct types of industries: Service industries eg., IT Services,Consulting,Financial Services etc) and Product industries (Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail). Many solutions initiated supporting one type of industry and then morphed in to supporting another. As a consequence, you get a manufacturing product trying to support the services industry and vice versa. It might be functionally effective but are users going to enjoy creating works orders, work centers and parts, capture WIP and in general use manufacturing terminology and concepts to run a software installation project? The same applies for a distribution company using functionality that was built to support the financial services industry. It might initially work, but it will feel like a mammoth task. Companies would continue spending extensively by customizing it to try making it fit. All they end up with is an unsupported system that no one understands, no one likes and barely makes the work experience smoother.

    NetSuite was built to help in smooth running of product- and service-based businesses from ground level. Whatever the business, it provides the terminology, workflows and reports needed for that particular type of company. Moreover, for hybrid businesses it will simultaneously look as though it were designed to run effectively depending on what part of the business you sit within. Businesses comprises of many people carrying out multiple distinct roles. One of the real issues that ERP has had over the years is that it has been purchased by one group and forced on the others. With Netsuite this will stop forever. CSA Consultants Pvt Ltd is the leading service provider to world #1 cloud ERP – NetSuite and understands and brings out these differentiators while Implementing Netsuite for Your Business.