Partnering Best In Breed ERP.

CSA Consultants and Oracle Business Accelerator.

The Oracle Business Accelerator programme harnesses CSA Consultants’ experience in implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions within the Indian market to provide customers with the functionality, security and future growth associated with an enterprise strength solution for a fraction of the traditional cost.

CSA Consultants can respond to client demand for quick, cost-effective deployments that offer the right mix of industry functionality and best-practices.

What are Oracle Business Accelerators

Oracle Business Accelerators (OBA) provide an on-line, automated set-up tool that supports the rapid implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite Applications. In summary, the OBA approach:

  • Provides automatic application configuration.
  • Utilises business related questionnaires.
  • Delivers an Oracle E-Business Suite Application environment, quickly and effectively.
  • Is based on industry standards and needs.
  • Configures end-to-end business process flows.
  • Reduces the time, cost, and complexity of the overall implementation:
  • Utilises business related questionnaires.
  • by building in industry best practices
  • and saving 30% of implementation costs.
  • Focuses on needs of mid-sized and rapidly expanding organisations.

By reducing the effort, time and cost of implementations and by focusing on the specific needs of clients, we can implement a high-quality, client focussed, enterprise level solution that provides our clients with a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive market, irrespective of the clients size or industry sector.

Oracle Business Accelerators enables you Benefits
Automatically configure Oracle E-Business Suite using industry best-practice business flows,
Gain the flexibility to meet market, industry, and country variations,
Guide the project scope, as well as specific implementation steps.
Next-generation tool for rapid and precise implementing
Minimize the risk of varying implementation skills by using a highly structured and prescribed method,
Begin transaction testing in hours rather than days, weeks, or months,
Get the lowest possible total cost of ownership, with tested and robust best-practice business processes.
Preserve access to Oracle world-class support, with a solution that is 100% Oracle E-Business Suite,
Rely on a solution that enables growth and offers enterprise-strength functionality,
Gain the flexibility to continue adding modules after the initial use of Oracle Business Accelerators
Enduring and extensible