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Udyog has been successfully providing technology solutions to a number of businesses and has established its reputation as one of the leaders in areas of Payroll Solutions, Tax Compliance Solutions, Integrated Solutions and ERP implementations. Udyog's management team has developed strong relationships with clients and has provided timely results. Udyog provides the widest range of HR and Payroll administration solutions. Udyog is also a leading provider of integrated computer solutions and ERP implementation services..


USquare as a standalone tax software helps you to address the problems faced by you with Indian Taxation. It helps you to streamline the entire taxation process and thus reduces the complexity associated with it. By streamlining the process you could have a better control over the entire process and thus control cost involved in the activity. Streamlining also enhances your visibility and increase productivity of employees. It generates all the statutory reports with respect to taxation required by the authorities.

Visual Udyog

Visual Udyog is an easy to use indirect taxation software that provides an accurate and integrated solution to handle both your business and tax compliance needs. Visual Udyog handles all types of Indirect taxes like Excise Manufacturing, Excise Trading, Service TAX, VAT, TDS, GTA, Work Contract Tax. It also comes with core business modules like financial accounting, inventory and order processing, business intelligence which would assist you in streamlining the entire process within the organization. With increased process efficiency you could control the cost involved in the entire process flow.


Tankhwa is specifically prepared for the payroll needs of your businesses. Tankhwa has you covered with day to day employee pay management, assistance in making MIS reports, auto-disbursement of pay slips, and much more. It provides the structure for a complete employee lifecycle management system, from recruitment through retirement.


Tankhwa has an add-on module called Tankhwa+ which is a collaborative, Web-enabled solution that gives your employees immediate online access to their unified payroll information. Positioned as a self-service application, Tankhwa+ allows the employees to log into the system and view his Pay slips, balance leaves; projected Tax Deductions at source and update his profile. Also the Employee can apply for leaves, reimbursements and track the status/approval from anywhere, thereby streamlining your payroll system.


iTAX is an Indian Taxation Product covering all Taxation Modules- Excise Documentation for Manufacturers and Traders, Service Tax, Documents for EOUs & SEZs, TDS & e-TDS, State wise VAT & CST; which works in line with your ERP System.